Aston's New Gold Standard DBS

Aston Martin is leveraging its legacy with Italian design house Zagato.

British sportscar brand Aston Martin can perhaps claim, more so than any other, to only have beautiful cars in its product portfolio.

James Bond’s signature car company has always prioritised design and aesthetic purity and it shows. Aston Martin management has also recognised that classic cars are surging in price and as such, decided to do its own continuation series. 

Aston Martin will produce no more than 19 pairs of Zagato celebration models, which net the lucky owners a DBS GT Zagato and DB4 continuation car.

Built to the most exacting standards, whilst respecting the Zagato heritage, these new Astons are sure to become hugely valuable in future.

The modern equivalent of Aston’s Zagato cars is a detailed DBS Superleggera with some Zagato heritage bits. Most noticeable is the new grille and that classic Zagato double-bubble roof.

Around the rear, you’ll find circular taillights and there are new styling creases running along the sides. To underscore the rarity and value of these new DBS Zagatos, all their exterior badges are 18-carat gold plated.

Rolling in the wheel arches are a Zagato edition specific alloy wheel, which also features gold detailing to its spoke structure.

This gold theme extends to the cabin, which blends carbon-fibre and textured gold elements, whilst red leather dominates the interior architecture. The ventilation dials and centre-console surround are also gold.

Mechanically the DBS GT Zagato does not differ much from a standard Aston Superleggera car. Above the front axle is a twin-turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine, boosting 566 kW and 900 Nm. Both outputs are sent to the to rear wheels only, via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

If you want a DBS GT Zagato, you’ll have to get a DB4 continuation car too, as they only sell as a pair. And the price is a not insignificant R110m (estimated).

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