Alfa Romeo Giulietta to Finally Retire

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One of the world’s most stylish hatchbacks is soon to be discontinued.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta has been on sale for nearly a decade, which is almost an impossibly long lifecycle for a modern hatchback.

Since 2010, buyers who wanted a very exclusive hatchback with some typically stylish Italian design have had one option, the Giulietta. Alfa Romeo even produced a hot hatch version, attempting to leverage the brand’s legendary Cloverleaf cars, in the form of Giulietta TBi Quadrifoglio Verde, which was good for 173 kW at a time when the Golf GTi was notably less potent on a spec sheet.

As a commercial venture, the Giulietta has been a predictable Alfa Romeo disaster. Despite its outstanding exterior styling and some very clever turbocharged engines, sales have been a fraction of what its full-size hatchback rivals tally.

Marketing realities and shifting customer demand have forced Alfa Romeo’s hand with the Giulietta, which should expire at the end of this year. Expectations are that the forthcoming Tonale SUV will replace the Giulietta’s presence in Alfa Romeo’s product portfolio and give the brand standing in the C-segment.

As Alfa’s volume seller, many Alfisti will be sad to see the charming Giulietta retire. It will leave cherished memories, especially to South African Alfa fans.

Back in 2015, Alfa Romeo allowed 100 Squadra Corse TCT Giuliettas to be built, for the South African market. These cars featured a modified version of the 1750 turbocharged engine, boosting 210 kW.

With the pending retirement of Giulietta, Alfa Romeo will enter 2021 with a sedan and two SUVs, but no hatchback. Strange, but also an entirely Alfa thing to do.  

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