5 Tech Highlights Of Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe


The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is packed with impressive technology! Join us as we take a quick look at the major technological highlights of the forthcoming E-Class Coupe… 

We recently attended the international launch of the new E-Class Coupe in Barcelona, Spain, and found it to be well-appointed with innovative technology. The E-Class Coupe is due to arrive in South Africa in May 2017 with the Cabriolet version to follow in the third quarter of 2017.

Take a look at some of the major technological highlights of the new E-Class Coupe below…

Widescreen cockpit

The Widescreen Cockpit was first introduced on the new E-Class sedan and it combines a pair of 12.3 inch high-resolution screens to create a long screen that stretches from the driver’s side to the central dashboard. The digital instrument cluster directly in front of the driver displays key information and the driver is able to easily configure the layout using the touch controls mounted on the steering wheel.

The screen to the right handles all the infotainment and navigation functionality and you can also use the touch pad controller in the centre console to browse all the functions. The Widescreen Cockpit makes the cabin feel very modern and although it will be offered as an option on the E-Class Coupe, we think it will be well worth the additional outlay.

Semi-autonomous capability

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe features impressive semi-autonomous capability as part of the optional Driving Assistance Package. Included is what the firm calls Distance Pilot Distronic with Steering Pilot. The system manages the distance between the car ahead, much like adaptive cruise control, but it can also automatically follow the car ahead at speeds up to 210 kph. More so, steering assistance is provided by Steering Pilot and the driver is not required to accelerate or brake when the system is engaged. Steering Pilot will steer the vehicle at speeds up to 130 kph, even if road markings are unclear or non-existent.

The driver will, however, after a period of time, be asked to place their hands back on the steering wheel. After numerous warnings, if you fail to put your hands on the wheel, the vehicle will automatically come to a stop and the hazard lights will come on to warn other road users.

The system is particularly useful in congested traffic, where the driver can just sit back and relax, allowing the car to accelerate, brake and steer. The system will also automatically adjust speed according to the speed limit. In addition to this, when the driver activates the indicator for more than 2 seconds, Active Lane Change Assist will steer into an adjacent lane if the camera and radar system deems it safe to do so.

Wireless charging and parking pilot

The new E-Class Coupe features a wireless charging pad suitable for Qi-enabled smartphones as well as capacitive aerial coupling that automatically integrates your phone to the infotainment system. Also, using Near Field Communication, your smartphone becomes a digital vehicle key, allowing you to lock and unlock the vehicle using your phone and you are even able to start the engine, if you so please. You can also use a smartphone app to remotely park your vehicle using the optional Remote Parking Pilot.

Smart Magic Vision Control

Cleaning your windscreen has never been this efficient. The E-Class Coupe is equipped with Magic Vision Control that effectively cleans the windscreen without impairing the driver’s vision. The wiper blade features laser-bored spray holes that apply conventional washer fluid directly ahead of the wiper lip, which is barely noticeable by the driver.

It’s also the first wash/wipe system to feature semi-automated washer programmes for different seasons. In summer, less water is used, whereas in winter more water will be used to clean the windscreen. The system is temperature controlled and can adjust the amount of water required depending on conditions and cleaning requirements. More than this, the wiper blades and fluid are fully heated according to the outside temperature, which will prevent snow or ice from sticking to the blades for effective cleaning. The system is far better than conventional systems that spray water on the whole windscreen, blurring the driver’s vision and potentially causing an unsafe situation, especially at night.

Welcome taillights

The Multibeam LED headlights and the taillights will welcome you to the car when you unlock the vehicle. The LEDs in the taillights will successively illuminate from the centre of the vehicle, moving outwards when you unlock the car. Similarly, when you lock the car, the same effect is displayed, but it runs in the opposite direction.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the E-Class Coupe’s taillights is its crystal effect. Reflector technology is used to create a unique surface that seems to glow, much like a bed of coals. According to Mercedes-Benz, the effect resembles the glow of a jet engine. This feature is impressive at night and gives the E-Class Coupe more presence on the road. 

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