Trade in your used car

Tips on trading in your car

Get your car valued

When negotiating a Trade in, it is prudent to know how much your vehicle is worth. This will stop you from being taken for a ride. These days obtaining a vehicle valuation is as simple as filling out a form online. The trade in value obtained will be a ball park value of your car. Remember to be honest on the form, or you will have erroneous valuation data to work with.

Obtain multiple trade in offers

Trade in offers on your car may fluctuate drastically depending on the company or car dealership that makes the offer. To obtain the best possible trade in value on your car, you will need to shop around to see what different parties are willing to pay for your used car. Unfortunately, some car dealers will only accept your Trade-in if you purchase a car from them, this makes bargaining difficult as you are limited to dealers who have the vehicle you wish to purchase.

Selling your car to a dealer using our free Match! tool allows you to receive offers on your car in 48 hours

Consider selling your car

Having a car to trade in is always limiting in some ways. If you can replace this with cash, your negotiating power increases when buying a new car. There are various ways for you to sell your car:

  • Sell your car to a dealer using our free Match! tool.
  • Sell your car privately on by clicking here.

Please note that tips provided on trading in your car are meant only as a guide to the car seller.

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