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What is Match?

Match is a new free service from Cars.co.za that offers you the ability to connect with our dealer network in order to sell your car.

What are the benefits of using Match?

1. Your car will be exposed to the largest dealer network in the country.
2. Our dealer network is credible and trustworthy.
3. We will notify our dealer network of your sale and only interested dealers will be in contact, resulting in a better chance of you selling your car.
4. It is a more convenient way to sell your car compared to selling it privately and you will save time and money.
5. If you are looking to replace your car when selling it in, you can specify your desired car and we will inform our dealer network of this resulting in a stronger match.
6. We'll do the hard work for you by finding the right dealer for the perfect match.

Do I need to provide all the details about my car?

We encourage you to fill in all the fields as it is in your best interest to be as detailed and transparent as possible. This will give our dealer network an accurate description of your car which will increase the dealer's interest and probability of a match.

Why do I need to upload images of my car?

Our dealer network requires images of your car in order to assess its condition. Please note that the purchase is not guaranteed as this is subject to view by the dealer.

What if my car is still financed?

It is not an issue if your car is still financed. You need to specify that it is still financed when uploading your car so that the interested dealers are aware of this. This will help them to structure the best offer/deal for you should they decide to purchase your car.

How long will my car be on the Match! system for?

Your car will be available to our dealer network for a period of 2 days. Should you upload your car on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your car will only appear on the system on the Monday.

How do dealers determine what price I should get for my car?

Dealers look at industry standards of pricing for cars and use that as a base. Depending on the condition, mileage and extras of your car it may be bring the price down or push it up a little.
It also depends on the finance settlement required on your car should it still be financed.

Why is my car not appearing on your website?

This feature is only available to our dealer network and we will notify them of your sale via our dealer system which the public is not exposed to.
If you would like your car to appear on our website as a private sale, please click here.

Are my personal details shared with your whole dealer network?

No, our dealer network will be notified that your car is up for sale and at this stage only your car's details will be exposed.
Your personal details will only be disclosed if you choose to accept an offer.

How big is your dealer network?

We boast one of the largest active dealer networks of roughly 1500 dealers across the country.

Why did you not ask me to include my asking price?

Many people are disappointed with the offers they receive for their car as a result of not understanding what their car's true value is.
To avoid disappointment and frustration, we have removed it and are working towards providing you with a tool to assist you in estimating your asking price.

When do offers expire?

Offers will expire after 48 hours after the 2 day active period. It is advised to act quick to avoid disappointment.
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