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Tips on selling your car using Match!

How selling your car with Match! compares to selling it privately

The process of selling your car to a dealership is usually quicker and more convenient than selling your car privately due to the fact that the dealer manages the process on your behalf. However, offers from dealerships are often lower than the price which could be obtained through selling the car privately. Fortunately, can assist you with both options: Visit our Private Seller page to advertise it on our site or sell your car to dealers using our Match! service.

Obtain multiple offers with Match!

Offers on your car may fluctuate drastically depending on the dealership that makes the offer. Match! helps you to obtain the best possible value for your car by enabling more than one dealership to provide you with an offer for your car and allows you to connect with that dealership exclusively.

How your car will be assessed

Match! will connect you with a dealer who has made an offer for your car, but that offer is subject to the dealer viewing the car. An appraiser at your selected dealership will value your car based on its general physical condition, looking for signs of wear and tear or neglect and how well kept or clean the car is. A proper valet that ensures that the car is as clean and presentable as possible is always a good idea. A well-maintained car with a proven full service record (by the authorised agents) will count for a lot when determining the price.

Dealer offers and pricing

If trading in your car, the price you are offered is known as the trade price; the price it is eventually sold for by the dealer is the retail price. Both of these are influenced by the condition, mileage, and popularity of the car. The trade-in price is generally less than the actual value of the car as the dealer has to cover its overheads and make a profit when re-selling it. To avoid disappointment with regard to the value of the offer that you may receive, be accurate and transparent when describing the cars features and condition during the Match! upload process.
Please note that tips provided on selling your car with Match! are meant only as a guide to the car seller.
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