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Tell us about your car
Tell us about your car

Share your car details with our trusted dealers

Show us what your car looks like
Show us what your car looks like

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Tell us what car you are looking to buy

Our dealer network may have your dream car in stock

Tell us who you are
Tell us who you are

Our dealer network needs your details to get in touch with you

Leave it to us to find the the perfect match
Leave it to us to find the the perfect match

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How to sell your car privately

  1. Fill in your personal details
  2. Add the details and supporting images of the car you are selling
  3. Select your preferred advertising package and make payment
  4. Your car advert is then reviewed
  5. If it's approved, your advert is live and interested buyers can view and enquire about your car

Tips for selling your car in South Africa

The process of selling your car to a dealership is usually quicker and more convenient than selling your car privately due to the fact that the dealer manages the process on your behalf. It is also a safer option as the buyer is a reputable dealership as opposed to a private individual. However, offers from dealerships are often lower than the price which could be obtained through selling your car privately.

Offers on your car may fluctuate drastically depending on the dealership that makes the offer. Match! helps you to obtain the best possible value for your car by enabling more than one dealership to provide you with an offer for your car and allows you to connect with that dealership exclusively.

Match! will connect you with a dealer who has made an offer for your car, but that offer is subject to the dealer viewing the car. An appraiser at your selected dealership will value your car based on its general physical condition, looking for signs of wear and tear or neglect and how well kept or clean the car is. A proper valet that ensures that the car is as clean and presentable as possible is always a good idea. A well-maintained car with a proven full service record (by the authorised agents) will count for a lot when determining the price.

Although selling your car privately may provide you with the potential to get a better financial outcome, there are other factors that need to be considered. These include security concerns, time-wasters, paperwork and financing of the transaction. From a security perspective, it is suggested to obtain as much information as possible about the potential buyer prior to meeting with them. This will also help in determining how serious the potential buyer is about buying your used car or if the buyer has ulterior motives.

FAQS when selling your car

Yes, you can but you will need to complete both processes i.e. upload it on Match! to sell your car to a dealer and create an advert to sell it privately.

We encourage you to fill in all the fields as it is in your best interest to be as detailed and transparent as possible. This will give private individuals and dealers an accurate description of your car which will increase their interest and the probability of a sale.

Your car will be available to our dealer network for a period of 2 days. Should you upload your car on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your car will only appear on the system on the Monday.

Potential buyers (private individuals and dealers) require images of your car in order to assess its condition. It is suggested that quality images are uploaded as this increases the chance of selling it.

We boast one of the largest active dealer networks in South Africa which consists of roughly 1500 dealers.

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