World's Greatest Drag Race (Video)

Drag Race

It's called the World's Greatest Drag Race and for good reason. It's simply one of the finest pieces of petrolhead-fueled goodness on the Internet currently and it racks up the views. We at enjoy a good drag race and have made our own version (check out the BMW X5 M50d take on the Range Rover Sport Supercharged here), but this video takes it to the next level.

Imagine taking 10 of the latest performance machines and lining them up against each other for a simple quarter-mile sprint? That's exactly what the folk at MotorTrend have done for the past few years and the videos have been enthralling fans for ages. 2014 sees the World's Greatest Drag Race reach its 4th version. It features the latest generation Nissan GTR taking on the latest version of Porsche's fearsome 911 Turbo S. There's a BMW M4 in there as well as the monstrous Jaguar F-Type Coupe R. Throw in an Alfa Romeo 4C, a hot hatch duo comprising the Ford Fiesta ST and Volkswagen Golf GTI, some American muscle and the extraordinary BMW i8 and you have the perfect recipe for the worlds greatest drag race.

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