VW Used Cars on Cars.co.za for May 2010


VW used cars on Cars.co.za is a dynamic entity, constantly updating to ensure that our users get all the latest used cars for sale, as well as the latest motoring news from all around South Africa.

Our bi-weekly snapshot highlights the used cars for sale and news trends over the past two weeks (2010-05-06 - 2010-05-20) and identifies South Africa's favourites.

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VW used cars for sale

Total active VW used cars for sale: 1725
Total active dealer VW used cars for sale: 1666
Total active private VW used cars for sale: 59

VW used cars for sale added in the last two weeks

Total VW used cars for sale added: 698
VW used cars for sale added by type
   Dealer: 687
   Private: 11
VW used cars for sale added by area
   Gauteng: 274
   Western Cape : 217
   Kwazulu Natal: 132
   Free State: 32
   Eastern Cape: 28
   Mpumalanga : 14
   Limpopo: 1
VW used cars for sale added by model
   Volkswagen Polo: 271
   Volkswagen Citi: 149
   Volkswagen Golf: 107
   Volkswagen Jetta: 42
   Volkswagen Polo Vivo: 40
   Volkswagen Transporter: 30
   Volkswagen Tiguan: 13
   Volkswagen Caddy: 12
   Volkswagen Touran: 11
   Volkswagen Passat: 5
   Volkswagen Touareg: 5
   Volkswagen Sharan: 4
   Volkswagen Scirocco: 3
   Volkswagen Cc: 3
   Volkswagen Beetle: 2
   Volkswagen Caravelle: 1
Individual VW used cars for sale added
   Most expensive dealer car - Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.6 (2010): R 1,282,989
   Most expensive private car - Volkswagen Citi Mk1 1.6 (2009): R 125,000
   Cheapest dealer car - Volkswagen Citi Blues 1.6 (1997): R 30,000
   Cheapest private car - Volkswagen Citi 1.6 (1998): R 20,000

Volkswagen News

Total Volkswagen news articles: 16

Volkswagen motoring news articles added in the last two weeks

News Volkswagen articles added: 0
News Volkswagen articles by Area:
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