Volvo V40 Facelift (2016) Specs & Pricing

188143 Volvo V40 Model Year 2017

A facelifted version of the Volvo V40 is set to be introduced in SA shortly. Here’s how much you’ll be paying for the updated Swedish premium hatchback.

The most notable change for the facelifted Volvo V40 is the distinctive headlamp design that mimics that of the award-winning XC90. "Thor’s hammer" (as the shape of the running light element has been nicknamed) is integrated into headlamp design and provides a striking front-on appearance for the V40. Between the front lights, the V40’s grille is more upright, again, like the XC90's. The exterior facelift is topped off with new wheel designs and a new Denim Blue paint finish.

There are 4 spec levels: entry-level Kinetic, mid-range Momentum, luxurious Inscription, and sporty R-Design, the latter of which rounds out the range. Volvo has specced all models with City Safety, which automatically detects objects and, if necessary, brakes the car to avoid a possible accident at lower speeds.

Three turbodiesel models and 5 turbopetrol models will be available from launch, all front-wheel driven. The D2 entry-level turbodiesel is only available as a manual, while the T3 and T4 turbopetrols are available in both manual and automatic. The D3 and D4 turbodiesels are only available in automatic.

Much of Volvo’s safety technology has filtered down to the V40 from the XC90, but many of the features are only available as options. Road sign detection, lane keeping aid, automatic parking, traffic congestion information and adaptive cruise control are all now available on the V40.

Power outputs are as follows (derivate names that start with T are turbopetrols, D: turbodiesels):

Volvo V40 T3: 112 kW and 250 Nm (manual is a 2-litre, auto a 1.6-litre)

Volvo V40 T4: 140 kW and 300 Nm

Volvo V40 T5: 180 kW and 350 Nm

Volvo V40 D2: 88 kW and 280 Nm

Volvo V40 D3: 110 kW and 320 Nm

Volvo V40 D4: 140 kW and 400 Nm


T3 Kinetic R338 498
D2 Kinetic R351 100
T3 Momentum R378 698
D2 Momentum R384 900
T3 Momentum auto R397 526
T3 Inscription R400 298
T4 Momentum R400 998
D2 Inscription R406 700
T3 R-Design R408 398
D2 R-Design R414 900
T3 Inscription auto R419 026
T4 Momentum auto R421 212
T4 Inscription R422 898
T3 R-Design auto R427 126
D3 Momentum R432 400
D4 Momentum R442 400
T4 Inscription auto R443 312
D3 Inscription R454 700
T5 Momentum R461 638
D4 Inscription R462 000
D3 R-Design R462 700
D4 R-Design R471 500
T5 Inscription R481 438
T5 R-Design R491 038

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