Volkswagen UP buggy concept oozes fun

Volkswagen Buggy Up

The Frankfurt Motor Show came with a number of exciting new vehicle reveals but none as mouth-watering as the Volkswagen Buggy UP concept. The VW UP Buggy concept was inspired by the buggies of the 1960s that were based off the original Beetle chassis and driven along the beaches of California.

Volkswagen UP Buggy concept for all weather conditions

VW were keen to keep the same feel and vibe of these buggies with the new Buggy UP concept. Compared to the standard VW UP, the Buggy is 20mm lower, has no doors, no roof and in many ways is completely redesigned. The bonnet has also been made flatter, the bumpers have changed and the rear is also completely redesigned. Which begs the question why it was even based on the UP in the first place.

The seats are 58mm lower than the UP! along with the steering wheel which has had its angle adjusted as well which has created a go-cart driving position. While the Volkswagen UP Buggy concept does have a cover roof, it is not always necessary as the interior of the vehicle is completely waterproof. The seats, as well as the sills in the floor have drains built in to drain out any water, even the infotainment system is waterproof.

The VolkswagenW Buggy UP concept is a truly exciting prospect and we can only hold thumbs that it makes it into production.