Volkswagen Varok Concept Shown

Vw Varok Concept2

Intern design students at Volkswagen have created the intriguing Varok concept, combining the practicality of a wagon with the convenience of a bakkie.

Concepts play a critical role in the car design process. They are often outlandish in design and although few ever make it to the production line, many production cars share design cues derived from concepts. Concept cars are important in that they explore and expose ideas that would otherwise remain unseen and, more importantly, they point to the future of automotive design.

Take this Volkswagen Varok concept as an example. The Varok was created by two French intern design students, Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Joveneaux, who set out to create a unique wagon that transforms into a utility vehicle. "The goal of this project was to imagine how Volkswagen could enter in the Australian market with a ute vehicle," said Valentin.

The students took inspiration from the Volvo V90 and Vauxhall Maloo in the creation of the Varok concept. In wagon guise, the Varok can accommodate 5 passengers and a fair amount of luggage. By disassembling the stern, the Varok can be converted into a stylish utility vehicle with a load bay. In this configuration, the Varok concept can seat 3 passengers, while surfboards, bikes and other leisure items can be stored in the load bay.

There is no indication whether the Varok concept will make it to production, but it certainly tickles the imagination. We rather like the look of the Varok…

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