Volkswagen up! vs Polo Vivo - Which Is Better? (Video)


Volkswagen is very good at making small cars. But it has never made a car this small, at least not in the modern era of safety regulations. And so when they turned their attention to a segment of the market termed A00 (which translates to very, very, very small) – it was probably going to be decent.

The up! has a silly name which is very hard to explain to people over the phone. But its build quality and quality of ride is anything but silly. It has a solidity which is very rare, if not unique at this end of the market, and is as happy cruising on highways as it is darting through city traffic, which is remarkable.

But it has one big problem, and it also comes with a VW badge on the nose. It is the most popular passenger vehicle in South Africa. It is a five-door hatchback which offers all the practicality and space of its rivals, but at a lower price. It is the Polo Vivo and it is dull.

Yes, South Africans love the Vivo. We buy over 3 000 a month of these cars , but the game has moved on, and I truly feel that the up! is a better car.

But is it better value for money? Do the facts back up my opinion? Well, we made this video to answer that question: VW Polo Vivo vs VW up! – which should you buy?

To watch our up! feature video, where Ciro introduced the up! to a Cape Town secret, and took a bit too much inspiration from a certain Disney movie, click here.

Volkswagen up! vs Polo Vivo Video