Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE Concept Shows Bigger CC

Volkswagen Sport Coupe GTE 1

Volkswagen has developed a Sport Coupe Concept GTE that it says will be a future vehicle to sit above the CC and below the Phaeton. The concept also showcases the new front end styling that VW will adopt for new models. The concept could see VW step in to compete with the likes of the Merc CLS and Audi A7, albeit on a much leaner price tag.

What is a Sport Coupe GTE?

Dr Heinz-Jakob Neusser, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Development, explained the new Coupé Concept GTE for the Volkswagen brand: "This concept car is a breathtakingly dynamic coupé, destined to set standards in this class. Thanks to the design in the style of an exclusive sports car combined with the added functionality of a large boot lid, we see an impressive alternative to the classic saloons of the B and C segments in this four-seater."

The new front grille is a big focal point on the concept and will no doubt be a talking point on many VW’s to come if it is transplanted exactly as is to a model like the Golf. The low roofline and sloping rear makes the bonnet look longer and give the Sport Coupe Concept GTE a GT cruiser presence. Those wheels are big 21-inch five-spoke turbines.

Thanks to a V6 TSI engine, the 279 kW GTE plug-in hybrid enables zero-emission driving at certain times – thanks to the two electric motors and an externally chargeable battery. VW estimates the top speed at 250kph and expects it has an average combined fuel consumption of 2.0L/100km. It will run in pure electric mode 50km and when forced to do an outright sprint to 100kph, manage it in 5-seconds flat.

Based on the MQB platform (Golf, A3, Tiguan, TT etc.) and even with coupe aspirations, the Sport Coupe offers good front and rear headroom. The large boot lid gives access to a 480-litre boot.