Volkswagen Polo 1.4 CitiVivo (2017) Video Review

Volkswagen has drawn inspiration from the iconic CitiGolf to produce a limited edition version of its top-selling Polo Vivo. Unsurprisingly, it's only available in red, yellow and blue! We take a closer look at the cheeky newcomer.

Launched in 1984, the CitiGolf was a cheeky, no-frills and budget-positioned continuation of the first generation Volkswagen Golf, which had famously replaced the original Beetle in the Seventies. Production continued until 2009, during which time 377 000 CitiGolfs were produced; the little car, despite its lack of ABS and airbags, achieved cult status in South Africa.

Based on the 4th-generation Polo, the Polo Vivo became Volkswagen’s entry-level offering and much like the CitiGolf it replaced, the Vivo has topped the sales charts since 2010. Now, as the automotive market gears up for the introduction of the 6th-generation Polo (and quite possibly, the next generation Vivo), Volkswagen has released a Citi version, which is still fun-loving, but anything but basic.

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