Volkswagen ID3 Goes Official

11 7

The long-awaited entry from Volkswagen into the all-electric space has finally been revealed. Here's the Volkswagen ID3.

Unveiled at the Volkswagen Group Night on the eve of the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Volkswagen ID3 has been eagerly anticipated. With over 30 000 preorders, the hype is real. 

At first glance, the looks are unmistakably Volkswagen, but with a fresh and unique appeal. Unlike Volkswagen's other electric offerings which were petrol-powered vehicles with electric upgrades, this is a pure electric vehicle using the Group's MEB platform. The Volkswagen ID3 is 4 261mm long and 1 809mm wide – very similar proportions to the current Volkswagen Golf.

With outputs of 150 kW and 310 Nm, the Volkswagen ID3 should be brisk. Performance figures haven't been announced, but we estimate it should be good for a sub-7 second sprint to 100 km. It also boasts rear-wheel drive. 

In terms of charging, Volkswagen says that there are different variations of the ID3, with different ranges. The top-spec model will have 550 km of range, while the entry-level boasts 330 km. Mid-spec ID3 has 420 km of range. Using a high-powered charger, you can get 290 km in just 30 minutes. 

Inside, the cabin is futuristic and modern. It boasts impressive levels of tech too, like an augmented reality head-up display which projects info onto the windscreen. First thoughts suggest a clean and fuss-free cabin, with elements from a smartphone in terms of functionality and user experience. There's a 10-inch infotainment screen which features gesture control as well as voice control. With the batteries located on the floor, cabin space is good, while the boot is rated at 385 litres.

The ID3 is expected to arrive in South Africa late in 2021 as the VW group plans out its strategy regarding charging infrastructure. 

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