Volkswagen I.D Concept Shows Electric Future

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This VW I.D concept is planned for a 2020 public release. Demonstrates VW’s plan for a fully automated mode by 2025.

Last week VW announced it would be showing multiple electric vehicles at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This is the first and it’s called the I.D which will lead Volkswagen’s electric lineup of cars that is said to reach 30 models by 2025.

This I.D will hit the road by 2020 and features plenty of new technology – not only in its drivetrain system. The electric motor has an output of 125 kW and is capable of sprinting to 100 kph in 8 seconds. Top speed is also decent at a claimed 160 kph with VW saying the batteries will last anywhere from 400 – 600 km on a single charge. Thanks to fast charging it can also be topped up to 80% charge in just 30 minutes. The I.D has both cable charging and inductive charging capabilities. Inductive charging requires the driver to park over a ‘charging plate’ where it is then charged. It’s sort of like wireless charging on modern smartphones.

Volkswagen is also debuting its automated driving system that it says will be available from 2025. In order to activate auto-pilot, you have to press the VW badge on the steering wheel for 3 seconds, at which point the steering wheel retracts and the car takes over driving duties. A simple touch of the brake or pedals will return the I.D to manual mode and extend the steering wheel back into place.

Inside the I.D is where Volkswagen plans to show initiative with its electric vehicle lineup. The I.D features new technologies such as multifunction steering wheel where the gear selections can be pressed. There’s also the more basic functions such as phone and infotainment switches. The infotainment system has been increased to 10-inches and includes 3D navigation. The screen can also control functions on the steering wheel or be divided up into 3 separate sections.

An e-Mirror system replaces the standard rear-view mirror but still looks just like a rear-view mirror. Information from both the wing mirror cameras and the rear camera are fed to the single rear-view system. The removal of the wing mirrors improves the car’s aerodynamics.

In multi-storey car parks, Volkswagen's concept car can find a parking space all on its own. All the driver has to do is stop the I.D. in a specially marked zone in the entrance to the car park that is suitably equipped with the necessary infrastructure and activate the "Pilot for multi-storey car park" using the Volkswagen app, and off the I.D. goes! To ask the I.D. to leave the parking space again, all the driver has to do is tell the Volkswagen to return to its starting zone again via the app.

At the moment the I.D looks far from a production-ready vehicle so, the next four years will be fast-tracked in order to meet the prescribed deadline of 2020.

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