Volkswagen Golf R Touch Concept Introduced

Volkswagen Golf R Touch

Volkswagen has introduced a tech-infused Golf R Touch Concept at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Golf R Touch Concept – new age of mobility

The Golf R Touch concept, which is based on the high-performance 2016 Volkswagen Golf R, is said to have been developed to provide foresight into what the interior of future models will look like.

It features an infotainment system that incorporates gesture control as the next step in the area of intuitive control. All it takes is a hand movement in the space in front of the Golf’s infotainment display to make human and machine interact as one.

The vehicle was created with nearly all controls are implemented via touchscreens and sensor switches.

It is equipped with three displays, a high-resolution 12.8-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, along with an 8-inch touch Control Centre located beneath from where the driver controls the climate, media and vehicle functions, as well as a 12.3-inch Active Information Display featuring digitised instruments.

Intuitive operation

According to Volkswagen, the central touchscreen and Active Info Display can be customised rapidly, just as on a smartphone or tablet. The infotainment unit will additionally use cameras to detect hand gestures, as well as understand and assign meaning to them. Gesture control will further make it possible to control displays and functionality without having to use a touchscreen.

A further highlight is a gesture control unit that uses a 3D camera mounted within the roof lining. When the driver touches the roof the digital controls for the sunroof appear in the main 12.8-inch display.

The company also said that “this technology adds comfort and convenience to human-vehicle interaction by reducing driver distractions while operating controls, and further underscores the synchronised relationship between the car and the computer."

As part of Volkswagen's efforts to provide greater personalisation possibilities in future models, there will be an extensive choice of displays and colour schemes, including on-board ambient lighting, which is claimed to provide 16.7 million colour combinations.

Since the Golf R Touch is a prototype, the company is yet to reveal when it plans to bring it to production cars or what it will cost.