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SF90 is Ferrari's 735kW hybrid

The latest mid-engine supercar from Maranello is also the fastest and most powerful road-going Ferrari yet. A very bold move for the traditional supercar brand, Ferrari’s SF90 is it's first true customer... Read More

Cars Coming to SA in 2019

With nearly half of the year already behind us, there are still lots of exciting new cars headed for South Africa in 2019 Take a look at what you can expect below... The first half of 2019 has seen a wide range... Read More
McLaren GT 2020 1600 03

McLaren Unveils Grand Tourer

McLaren has revealed a new car. Unlike its utterly outrageous supercar offerings, the newcomer focuses more on comfort and luxury. This is the 2020 McLaren GT.  GT stands for Grand Tourer and unlike McLarens... Read More