Toyota Prius C revealed in Tokyo

Toyota Prius C

The Tokyo Motor Show comes with yet another reveal, this time with the environmentally conscious Toyota Prius C. The Prius C is a compact-class hybrid vehicle that is looking to combine the sustainability aspects of a hybrid car along with a fun drive and an affordable price tag.

Green motoring for Toyota Prius C Hybrid

The Toyota Prius C comes with 5 seats and is 3 995mm long. With its low height and styling, the car has remained aerodynamic and yet still with enough interior space to be comfortable. Powering the car is a 1.5 litre engine and a high-output motor, which Toyota note should be one of the most efficient hybrid powertrains ever made. The fuel economy of the car clocks in around 3 litres per 100km. The Prius C has a particularly low centre of gravity, giving it impressive handling and maneuverability.

The Toyota Prius C is set to launch in Japan this December and while Toyota South Africa are investigating the possibility of the car reaching our shores, they do mention it won’t happen any time too soon.