Toyota Stops V8 Development?

Lexus RCF 1

Is it the end of the road for Toyota petrol V8 engine? 

A report out of Japan has suggested that Japanese brand Toyota has put a stop to the development of its V8 engines. 

The report from Japanese magazine Mag-X has said the Japanese brand is one of many that has suffered under the coronavirus pandemic and will be focusing more on downsized V6 turbochargd motors as well as electrification. 

The bad news means that Lexus plans for the ultimate twin-turbocharged V8 in the LC has probably been shelved.  Pity, as it was rumoured to pack around 450 kW and make its debut at the now-cancelled 24 Hours of Nurburgring, before making its way into some roadcars. Toyota was also considering using this motor for some North American market trucks.  

We'll update if we hear anything.

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