Toyota Reveals Heritage Edition Land Cruiser

Heritage Edition Cruiser 200 is retro done right. 

Toyota never has to try with its Land Cruiser range. Global customer demand for these off-roading icons remains strong and ardent fans of the brand are easily excited by even the most marginal of updates.

In places with lots of sand, no surface water and towering dune fields, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is unrivalled. No other luxury SUV is trusted in terrain where getting home, is often a question of life or death.

To celebrate its reputation as the only true luxury off-road vehicle which is true to its original design purpose, Toyota has released a tiny consignment of Land Cruiser 200 Heritage Edition models.

Part of Land Cruiser’s global 10 million unit sales celebration, the Heritage Edition adds some terrifically retro styling graphics. That’s about it. But those yellow-orange-red stripes are wonderfully symbolic, and yes, they draw inspiration from an era when Toyota fielded one of the world’s most memorable movie cars: the Hilux single-cab which starred in Back to the Future.

Beyond those exterior graphics, the cabin has some embossed Heritage Edition seat badges. A neat technical upgrade is the presence of an onboard air-compressor for managing tyre pressure, which is crucial for any sand or dune driving adventure.

These Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition vehicles are available in two petrol engine configurations that will be unfamiliar to local ‘Cruiser fans. The 4-litre V6 version is good for 202 kW and paired to a five-speed manual, whilst the 4.6-litre V8 produces 227 kW and links to a six-speed auto.

Distinguishing the V6 and V8 Heritage Edition ‘Cruisers are their wheels, which although both 17-inches in size, are made from differential materials. The V6 has steel wheels, whilst the V8 rolls alloys. Toyota will only be supplying 20 versions of each for the Middle Eastern market, which should ensure that these Heritage Edition Land Cruisers, become future classics.


Cruisers are particularly popular in the Emirates so prices of standard Cruisers are much cheaper than in SA, but if we do a basic currency conversion it would look something like this:

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Heritage V6 - R860 000

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Heritage V8 - R1 140 000

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