Toyota Hilux vs Ford Ranger vs GWM Steed: Ultimate Ride Comfort Test (Video)

Bakkie Water Main 2

In the second video of our 3-way Bakkie comparison, we again lined up the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Toyota Hilux Legend 45 and GWM Steed6 but this time our aim was not to find out fast they were, but how comfortable.

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No, this time we wanted to work out which bakkie offered the most refined ride. And so the brains trust at got together and came up with a very scientific test. It involved sourcing a silly amount of 20 litre paint drums, quite a few barrels of water and a bumpy road away from the city, near a farm.

Here we would determine the ultimate champion of comfort, with Dave Taylor in the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, myself Ciro in the Toyota Hilux and Ashley Oldfield in the GWM Steed6.

Before the test, we all agreed that the Ranger felt the most comfortable on tarmac, but would it emerge victorious, out here on the gravel which many South Africans tackle every day?

You’ll have to sit through three minutes of witty banter to find out.

Interested in a Ford Ranger? Interested in a Toyota Hilux? Interested in a GWM Steed6?

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Ultimate Ride Comfort Test Video