Toyota FT-1 Concept Unleashed In Detroit

Toyota FT Concept 1

The first of the reveals from the 2014 Detroit Auto Show and first out the blocks is Toyota with its stunning FT-1 concept sports car.

Designed by a Californian-based Toyota design team, the FT-1 is a showcase and inspiration for future sportscars from the Japanese manufacturer. It's styling cues are taken from the current Toyota 86 as well as the iconic trio of the 2000GT, Celica and Supra. These three sportscars form the basis of Toyota's street cred and the FT-1 sums them all up nicely in one sophisticated package.

Toyota FT-1 Design and Setup

There's no mistaking the FT-1's styling. This is a car designed for speed and for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. It features large intakes and exhausts, as well as an ostentatious rear wing. Much like the Toyota 86, the FT-1 is a front engine / rear-wheel drive configuration with the cabin designed in the middle, which optimises weight distribution.

Toyota FT-1 Cabin

The cabin of the FT-1 is futuristic and aimed at maximising enjoyment for the driver. There's a delta-shaped display which projects car vitals onto the windscreen like a fighter jet, while added touches like the Formula One-style steering wheel further adds to the appeal.

Toyota sadly says this vehicle is not for production and is just a design study concept. That said, there have been many at Toyota who have been pushing for the company to gives its products more energy and passion. While the FT-1 may not be the Supra replacement, you can bet that the next generation of Toyota sportscars will have been inspired by this. The FT-1 will come to life virtually on the Playstation game Gran Turismo. Check out the video below, where the FT-1 can be seen racing virtually.

Toyota FT-1 Gallery

Toyota FT-1 Video