The top 5 Car videos of 2011

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Every day there are hundreds of car related videos that get uploaded to Youtube, from car crashes and racing videos to modifications people have made to their car and everything in between. These videos can have a few views, or become incredibly popular with thousands and even millions of views, creating massive publicity for the car brand involved. It is no surprise then that the big car manufacturers like Volkswagen and Chrylser and even non-car brands like DC Shoes are getting involved and making videos and adverts for Youtube.

Here are the top 5 car related videos on Youtube for 2011. These videos were chosen based on total number of views.

5. Hot Wheels – World record jump

Views: 8 287 030

Hot Wheels is a toy-car company that produces toy cars to be used in conjunction with their track sets. The tracks often feature loops and massive jumps, which is what they attempted to recreate, at full size, in this video. In the video, their driver breaks the world record for longest jump in a 4-wheel car, traveling more than 100m through the air! It’s a great video and was filmed during the Indianapolis 500 in May this year.

4. Kia Motors – Kia Soul Hampster commercial

Views: 10 362 510

The Kia Soul was launched with this advert that contains some of the most unrelated subject matter you could imagine. It’s not often that a car manufacturer decides to include a futuristic war with dancing hamsters and somehow relate it to their new vehicle release. Part of the mass appeal of the advert was the confusion it caused, people didn’t quite know what to make of it and that added to its viral success.

3. DC Shoes – Ken Block’s Gymkhana 4

Views: 13 154 304

DC Shoes are onto something big with this series of videos, which combine so many quality elements that up the entertainment value through the roof. The production value is that of a Hollywood movie, with incredible effects, high quality filming and incredible driving. Behind the wheel of the heavily modified Ford is professional rally driver Ken Block, who is notorious for this kind of stunt driving.

2. Chrysler – Imported from Detroit

Views: 13 391 237

Chrysler ran this commercial during the Super Bowl this year, sporting the tag-line “imported from Detroit”. The video features day-to-day scenes from Detroit, with a moving voice over. The video oozes with patriotism and tugs at your heart strings about an American-made product, which is topped off by a closing line from rapper Eminem, who often references the Motor City in his songs. We don’t see much of the car in the video, but the emotional music and inspiring words are enough to make you want to buy one … if you are American at least.

1. Volkswagen – The Force

Views: 45 189 250

The most watched car-related video on Youtube for 2011 belongs to Volkswagen and their video “The Force”. As we can see from other videos on the list, it’s not really what is said about the car or the sale of how impressive the car is, but more about just creating a fun and entertaining advert that people will talk about. It also doesn’t hurt to include a Star Wars theme, which automatically guarantees millions of views. Unless you are paying close attention, you might not catch which vehicle is even being advertised, it’s the Jetta, but the cuteness of the kid in the Darth Vader suit plus the iconic sound track is enough to make this video an instant classic.