New Lexus CT 200h for Paris Motor Show

Lexus Ct 200h

The new Lexus CT 200h is going to be on display at the Paris Motor Show which is just around the corner and it will be interesting to see how this vehicle holds up to others in it’s class. Lexus are not really renowned for compact cars and does seem to be strange venture for a luxury vehicle manufacturer but a lot will depend on the pricing of the vehicle.

New Lexus CT 200h enters compact hatchback territory

The new Lexus CT 200h is powered by Lexus Hybrid Drive and through software tuning and brand-specific engineering, the CT 200h has impressive fuel economy and still retains impressive performance. The total output measures in at 100kW (134hp) and completes 0-100km/h in just 9.8 seconds. Fuel efficiency is also rather impressive with a combined rating of just 42mpg.

The new Lexus CT 200h comes with a host of driving options, which probably goes from being useful to being confusing with too many options. Driving moods include: Dynamic and relaxing in conjunction with full hybrid’s EV, eco, normal and sport. Attention has been made to the drive comfort with a high structural rigidity, a low center of gravity and a lateral performance damper system, the drive feels smooth and has minimal body vibrations.

Design Features

Looks wise, the front and side of the CT 200h very closely resembles the BMW 1-series with its sharp lines which is strange considering that Lexus note the design creates a unique aura which was supposed to set it apart from its segment rivals. It does look good though and Lexus have made a vehicle that is pleasing on the eye. At least until you see the back of the car, which looks terrible. It looks frumpy and lacks the elegant style that is found on the rest of the vehicle.

Look for more information on the new Lexus CT 200h when it rolls out at the Paris Motor Show.