Honda Hands Advert Shown

Honda Hands Advert Main Image

Soichiro Honda is one of my all time heroes. The man who founded Honda is a legendary innovator, a dreamer and slightly mad. He was a bit obsessed with jetpacks, for instance.

Honda - The Jack of all Trades

But as visionaries often prove, obsession is not a bad thing. The company has built on that obsession, and now develops and manufactures an incredibly wide range of modern products. Honda is responsible for cars, racing cars, leaf blowers, running robots, robotic lawnmowers, racing boats, jets, hydrogen powered vehicles and the world’s best-selling two-wheeled vehicle ever, the Honda Cub.

Quite a portfolio. And to show it off in such style might only have been achieved by an agency like Wieden and Kennedy, the company responsible for the incredible Nike advertising during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and the hilarious Old Spice adverts that defined the word “viral”.

I hope you enjoy this ad as much as I did. I must have watched it 6 or 7 times already. We’re not sure if it will ever air on SA television, so this might be the only place you can watch it.