The Show: Episode 4

Introducing...The Show! Welcome to the fourth (ever!) episode of our weekly 45 minute show. In this episode, we race the Toyota Hilux GR Sport against an ordinary Hilux, Ciro takes a Rolls Royce offroad and onto a skidpan, Ernest Page finds out if the BMW M5 will really drift, we retell the story of our very own Opel Superboss restoration and finally join three of South Africa's best surfers on a journey deep into the Eastern Cape.

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More about the Show

We have been working towards this project for many years now - a proudly South African long format, multi-segment car show. A show which celebrates South Africa and our rich car history. We toyed with broadcasting on terrestrial television or launching on a streaming network, but with us so close to the finish line we got blindsided by the global Covid-19 crisis, which required a global lockdown. 

Our talks, production and country halted. But this extraordinary moment in time also creates opportunity. With South Africa ordered to stay home, online content consumption is on the rise and content creation dwindling. As a company which takes great pride in being nimble, we simply couldn’t resist the urge to fill this content void and give South Africa, and the world, something beautiful to watch. 

And so in a moment of inspiration, we decided to adapt our long-format car show concept, using some techniques that may have been unthinkable before lockdown, and get it ready in record time to release it for free to the world. With this show, we aim to entertain, inform, inspire and hopefully make our audience smile. 

We have also committed to donating all revenue generated off our YouTube channel for the rest of 2020 to charitable causes in support of the fight against Covid-19. For this show, all of our content was either filmed pre-lockdown or safely under lockdown conditions by our presenter himself - Ciro De Siena; it turns out a lounge and dining room can be an excellent TV studio. 

New episodes will debut every Thursday at 8 pm and all episodes will remain on the channel indefinitely. From everyone at, stay safe, stay home, look after yourselves, and each other.