The August Motoring Report Infographic

Cars August Infographic

South Africa's new and used car market produces reams of data every month, it can be a minefield to make sense of it all. We've tried to trim it all down for you, squeezing all the important information into this easy-to-read, easy to share infographic.

Starting off with our Hot Release of the Month, the astonishing Mercedes Benz A45 AMG, the August motoring report infographic covers the following sections:

  • Top 5 motoring brands
  • Used car popularity based on vehicle type
  • New car market share
  • Most popular new cars in South Africa
  • Most popular used cars - based on views on

*The new car statistics included in the infographic were sourced from the Naamsa new car sales report. **The used car statistics used in the infographic are sourced directly from

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south african motoring industry infographic