Thai Ford Ranger Raptor Mod Looks Boss

Ford Ranger Raptor F 150 230

When it comes to bakkies, Thailand is very much like South Africa. People love bakkies and bakkie customisation is big business in the land of smiles. 

While the love for bakkies is certainly strong in South Africa, it might just be a little stronger over in Thailand. What the 2 countries have in common though, is that the Ford F-150 Raptor is not sold in either market. 

But the Thai people are a resourceful bunch and they have found a solution. If you can’t buy a Ford F-150 Raptor, build a fake one…

Using a Ford Ranger Raptor as a starting point, a company called TTN Hypersport, is creating F-150 Raptors of its own. 

A beefed-up body kit is bolted to a standard Ranger Raptor which brings it closer to the look of an F-150 Raptor. These customised Ranger Raptors are fitted with F-150 headlights and a huge grille that does a pretty good job of convincing onlookers. More so, the modification includes bespoke front and rear wheel arches as well as quarter panels that convey the sense of width that the F-150 Raptor commands. A wide range of wheel options are also offered along with suspension adjustments to make your fake F-150 Raptor stand out from the rest. 

Do you like the look of these Ford F-150 Raptor lookalikes? 

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