Tesla Has Built 1 Million Electric Cars

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Tesla reaches critical mass as it becomes the first electric car maker to breach 1 million production vehicles manufactured.

The world’s most disruptive and advanced car company has achieved a new mark of distinction.

After eight years of independent production, Tesla has now built its millionth electric vehicle. The Californian car company has proved analysts, critics and legacy car company executives wrong by forging its own path to success. Tesla’s millionth production vehicle was a bright red Model Y, which rolled off the production line this week.

Although Tesla started with the Roadster 12 years ago, those sportscars were built on contact by a variety of partners which included Lotus and Borg-Warner. Tesla’s first true production car was the Model S, launched in 2012.

The company now markets a much broader portfolio of passenger car vehicles and is soon to add a fourth model, the Tesla Model Y crossover, which was symbolically its millionth vehicle.

Demand remains strong in most of the valuable global markets Tesla targeted and the company is expanding its production capabilities beyond the original facility in California.

Despite issues with Coronavirus in China, Tesla’s newly commissioned factory in Shanghai should provide a huge productivity boost in the world’s most important electric vehicle market. An indication of Tesla’s potential in China is that it sold a third of all domestic volume in the world’s most populous country during February, regardless of the Coronavirus issues.

Tesla also has a European production plant being built in Berlin. With all three of these global production facilities running in harmony, Tesla should be able to cut its delivery timetables, which has been one weakness of the company, as demand has overwhelmed supply.

The advent of its millionth production car also qualifies Tesla as the most successful battery vehicle manufacturer in history. Although the current oil price collapse might appease internal combustion product managers, Tesla has probably crossed a vital threshold in terms of scale, to survive a brief period of much lower petrol and diesel prices.

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