Suzuki Swift Sport Review in South Africa

Suzuki Swift Sport1

The Suzuki Swift Sport is the flagship in the Swift range and is a completely different animal when compared to its lesser siblings. The base model Swift is an excellent city car as it offers value-for-money, decent specification as well as excellent reliability. However, as great as the Swift is, there is one problem as it doesn’t really offer anything in the excitement department.

Suzuki Swift Sport Review by David Taylor

Mature successor to the original pocket rocket

Enter the Suzuki Swift Sport - a grown-up go kart for the road. In a world of expensive turbo hot hatchbacks, having fun while driving is becoming rather difficult. These days, you would have to spend around R300, 000 for a half decent sports car or hot hatch. The Suzuki Swift breaks that mould by offering bang-for-buck performance in a simple and affordable package. The original Sport was a hoot to drive but was let down by a combination of two doors, which was impractical as well as a five-speed gearbox which made highway cruising a noisy affair.

The Suzuki Swift Sport looks like an extra from the Fast and The Furious franchise

The Suzuki Swift Sport looks vastly more aggressive than the standard Swift. With a wicked yellow paintjob, big wing on the boot, bodykit, sporty alloy wheels and twin exhaust pipes, the Swift Sport looks like something out of an arcade racing game. It attracts lots of attention and fortunately it has the go to match the show.

Old-school performance meets modern day economy

Underneath the bonnet of the racy Suzuki Swift Sport is a 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine. This engine, thanks to some special tuning, delivers 100kW and 160Nm. In a small car that doesn’t weigh much, this amount of power is rather good fun. The engine loves to be revved and comes alive if you let the revs climb past the 4,000 mark. On paper, the Swift Sport can hit 100km/h in under 9 seconds. Even though it’s sporty, it’s surprisingly light on fuel and a figure of 6.8L/100km after a week of rigourous driving was a great surprise.

Makes you feel like a driving god

Its real forte is the ability is to fly though mountain passes at speed thanks to its precise, sporty six-speed gearbox and racing suspension. The drawback of a racing suspension is that it tends to be hard on a day-to-day basis, but Suzuki has struck a perfect balance between sportiness and comfort. This is a car that makes you feel like a racing driver and when you get it right, it offers one of best driving experiences this side of a supercar.

The Swift comes with impressive levels of standard equipment

The Suzuki Swift Sport costs R213,000 – a bargain when you consider the fun factor and the specification. For a city car, the Sport comes loaded with kit. There are xenon headlights, climate control, keyless entry, USB/iPod connectivity and racing bucket seats. It’s safe too, thanks to excellent brakes, stability control and airbags for driver and passenger.

Suzuki Swift Sport - Conclusion

The Suzuki Swift Sport perfectly underlines the fact that you shouldn’t be spending close on half a million Rand if you want a machine that scythes through highway passes like a super car. Not only does it make you feel like a racing driver, it also offers all the comfort and features of a decent B-segment runabout.

Suzuki Swift Sport - Price

Suzuki Swift Sport price as tested: R213,000
  • Why you should: Brilliant value for a performance vehicle, handles like a go-kart, great engine, loads of kit, looks fantastic especially in yellow.
  • Why you shouldn’t: Nothing. Yet another Suzuki scores very highly. Yes, it really is that yellow.
  • It would be better if: the boot was a little bigger, I could afford one right now.
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  • Competitors worth checking out: Fiat Abarth, Renault Twingo Gordini, Citroen DS3, Mini Cooper