Subaru's EJ20 Swansong


A legendary engine is coming to its end. 

Subaru is paying homage to three decades of its most renowned engine, with a special edition of the Impreza WRX STI.

The new release is named EJ20 Final Edition and if you know Subaru’s technical codes off by heart, that naming convention will make a lot of sense.

Since 1989, the EJ20 boxer engine architecture has been the basis for most of Subaru's performance cars. This engine brought the brand great cachet and in Japan, followers of Subaru remain fanatically committed to it.

Although the EJ20 design has aged, Subaru wishes to give it the best possible going away party, in the guise of this new EJ20 Final Edition, which debuts at the Tokyo auto show, during the last week of October 2019.

Design elements which have been applied to the EJ20 Final Edition include gold BBS alloys wheels and pink grille surround edging. Subaru isn’t confirming the power outputs for its EJ20 Final Edition, yet, as these will only become official closer to the Tokyo auto show. The most potent version of its current EJ20 engine, boosts 242 kW and 432 Nm, so those figures would establish a baseline target for the EJ20 Final Edition engine’s statistics.

The EJ20 Final Edition will be a very limited build project for Subaru and as is the case with many of the brand’s most desirable vehicles, it will only be available for customers in the home market of Japan.

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