Spy shots: Hotter Mercedes-AMG GT S in works



The current Mercedes-AMG GT product line-up comprises a pair of models, but these spy shots suggest that an even hotter version is on the way.

Image credit: S.B. Medien/S. Baldauf

The Mercedes-AMG GT is a pukka driving machine and has proved itself a natural rival to the all-time favourite sportscar: the Porsche 911. We appreciate how much effort the Affalterbach-based Mercedes-AMG division put into the GT; the GT S model is a joy to drive. Powered by the 4.0-litre biturbo V8 engine, the Mercedes-AMG GT is available in two states of tune. The GT produces 340kW and 600Nm, while the AMG GT S develops peak outputs of 375kW and 650Nm. Both versions sound nothing short of glorious at idle and full chat. 

Now these spy shots indicate a more powerful AMG GT model is on the way and we expect the production version will be unveiled later this year. Rumours about the name are rife, but "Mercedes-AMG GT R" seems to be the most popular. We're not sure how Nissan will respond to the GT R nomenclature if it does become the official name, but we'll wait and see.

These photos indicate that the "GT R" has a revised front end (ostensibly to allow more airflow into that upgraded engine) and the back end of the car features a fixed aerodynamic wing (for optimal rear downforce) that does not seem too dissimilar to the item created for the Edition One. More importantly, the rear diffuser looks like something that would not be out of place on a DTM racer. This leads us to believe this will be a track-focused AMG GT in the same vein as the Black Series, perhaps it will be a road-going version of the outlandish GT3 race car?

With the current power output of the GT S sitting at 375kW, we're expecting the upcoming, most performance-orientated Mercedes-AMG GT to have at least 425kW from a tuned version of the biturbo 4.0-litre V8 engine. AMG has already hinted that the AMG version of the all-new E-Class will feature well over 400kW. You can read about that here.

Performance will be, in a word, rapid. Expect the "GT R" to complete the zero to 100kph sprint in less than 3.5 seconds, which will put it the Mercedes-AMG's performance in the ballpark of established supercars. Will the "GT R" feature all-wheel drive? Purists will suggest it would ruin the GT's driver-oriented focus, but if it doesn't, it could be quite a handful at the limit...  

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