South Africans Spend Most on Fuel

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In September 2014 we looked at how South African petrol prices compare with the rest of the world and at the time South Africa ranked 42nd (now 43rd) in the world with a petrol price of R13.66. The highest petrol price in 2014 in South Africa was in April at R14.39 per litre and today we are paying about R12.06 per litre, which is still expensive. In comparison, fuel prices in Venezuela are the cheapest at R0.12 per litre and Norway the most expensive at R27.27 per litre.

According to Bloomberg, South Africa ranks poorly in terms of affordability at 8th in the world and ranks 1st in terms of income spent on fuel. With an average daily income of about R196, South Africans spend the highest percentage of their annual income on fuel, 5.17% in fact. In comparison, Cyprus ranks 2nd with an annual spend percentage of 3.60% and Mexico 3rd with a spend percentage of 3.44%.

Check out the infographic below to see how South Africa's fuel spend percentage compares to some other countries. If you're looking to cut down on your fuel costs then check out our list of most fuel efficient cars in SA for some handy tips.

Annual Fuel Spend in South Africa