SEAT Leon Verde plug-in hybrid prototype revealed

Seat Verde

Spanish automaker SEAT has unveiled a new plug-in hybrid prototype based on the new Leon hatchback. The SEAT Leon Verde prototype is described as the culmination of a four year research embodiment of the Cenit Verde project.

SEAT Leon Verde - Features

The SEAT Leon Verde is powered by a 90kW 1.4-liter TSI petrol engine, a 75 kW electric motor, and an 8.8 kWh battery, which translated into a combined maximum output of 125kW and an electric-only range of about 50 km. The SEAT Leon Verde has an overall range of 816 km which equates to a combined fuel consumption of 1.6-litres/100 km with CO2 emissions of as low as 36 g/km.

The holistic approach to electric vehicle development undertaken by the Cenit Verde project resulted not only in an entirely new electric vehicle, but an entirely new approach to charging infrastructure as well.


In keeping with its futuristic theme, the SEAT Leon Verde is equipped with an advanced Human-Machine Interface (HMI) integrated into a smartphone app including a Driving Cycle Predictor and a smart energy management system.

The smartphone app enables users to monitor things like energy consumption, battery status, recharging status and estimated CO2 savings in electric mode, while the Driving Cycle Predictor analyses and memorises the routines of the owner and then use that information to optimise energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. The smart energy management system recharges the battery when the rates are low, however, if the owner doesn’t have the time to wait for a charge, they can override the system and start recharging the battery immediately.

“SEAT’s leadership capability and its technological experience, which embraces the study and development of electric vehicles, have facilitated the integration of the magnificent contributions made by all participants. This partnership has underscored the first-rate competitiveness of Spanish industry,” said Fermin Soneira, Director of Whole Vehicle Development, Electro-mobility and Innovation.

According to SEAT, there are no plans to put the SEAT Leon Verde into a series production.