S3 now with 280 kW motor


Nearly twice the V8 engine's power - now an option.

The classic Bentley S3 Continental. Glorious proportions. Immense presence. And of course: that huge 6.2-litre V8 engine.

But what if you wish to drive your classic Bentley Continental as a daily? With tightening emissions regulations and the issue with maintaining a very old engine and drivetrain, that is not really a possibility.

Some clever engineers at Lunaz have developed a successful electrification kit for classic Bentleys of the S1, S2 and S3 configuration.

Lunaz, which s quite fittingly based at the Silverstone technology park, adds a substantial 80 kWh battery pack to the S3 Continental’s platform. The source of its electric motor system is undisclosed, with Lunaz only alluding to the fact that this is of its own design, with input from some of the industry’s leading automotive engineers.

What you get with this battery-powered Bentley S3 Continental is 280 kW and 700 Nm, numbers which dwarf the outputs of that original 6.2-litre V8 engine. This battery-powered Bentley has nearly twice the power of its original petrol engine, which was rated at 147 kW.

Acceleration is dramatic for a vehicle of this Bentley’s vintage. It is capable of 0-100 kph in less than five seconds and Lunaz estimates a range of 400 km, which again, is more than what you would achieve in real-world conditions, with a classic V8 powered S3 Continental.

Lunaz has thoughtfully repurposed the classic chrome filler cap as a recharging port and there are enhancements inside the cabin, too. Infotainment is fully Smartphone convergent, with navigation and a potent air-conditioning system, replacing the woefully inadequate original ventilation system.

The question of a classic car with 700 Nm and more weight, thanks to that huge 80 kWh battery pack, does pose an issue of driving dynamics. Lunaz has added better dampers and larger brakes, to compensate.

With Bentley having committed to having its entire new product line-up as hybrids or full EVs by 2026, this is very much the trend for all things Bentley. The mission statement from Lunaz, is to allow classic Bentley owners the freedom to enjoy and experience the legacy of their cars, daily.

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