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Audi Q2 2021 5

Audi Q2 Facelift Announced

The compact Audi Q2 has been updated for 2021. Here's a look at what's changed. The Audi Q2 was revealed 4 years ago and the Ingolstadt-based brand claims it was a huge success. For 2021, Audi has given it an... Read More
Audi A3 0018 1800x1800

Audi SA Keeps Older Cars Going

Audi South Africa has announced a service plan aimed at vehicles which are 6-13 years old. Typically servicing vehicles out of warranty can be a costly affair, but AudiSmart hopes to remove some of that burden. Audi... Read More
Jaguar XE 4

Jaguar Tweaks XE for 2021

Jaguar has tweaked its XE sedan for 2021 and the good news is that the baby cat is confirmed for South African market introduction. See what the updates entail. The Jaguar XE is the British alternative to the German... Read More

Smaller grille for new BMW M4

'Normal' grille could become hugely popular refit for polarising BMW M model.  BMW has garnered a lot of the wrong kind of attention, with the controversial grille design on its new M4. For those... Read More