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BMW teases 467-kW M5 CS

The boss of BMW’s M Division, Markus Flasch, has offered Bimmer enthusiasts a sneak peek of the imminent M5 CS super sedan, which features a higher power output, a reduced kerb weight and a plethora of gold-bronze... Read More

UK tuner beefs up Toyota GR Yaris

While hot-hatch aficionados eagerly await the local arrival of the rally-bred Toyota GR Yaris, which produces 200 kW in standard trim, a Hampshire-based tuner has been cranking up its 3-cylinder turbopetrol motor to... Read More
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Golf 7 guy to oversee Audi design

Audi has a new boss of exterior design. The VW Group has made significant changes to the structure of its premium brands. Seeking better efficiencies, without diluting the individual brands, there have been some key... Read More