Renault TwinZ Concept revealed

Renault Twinzy 01

Renault is set to release the third generation Twingo as a production version of the all-electric Renault TwinZ Concept, which was a collaborative project between Renault and designer Ross Lovegrove.

Renault TwinZ Concept shows electric potential

Engine Capability

The Renault TwinZ Concept is fitted with a rear mounted synchronous electric motor delivering 50kW of power and 226Nm of torque. It is also equipped with four 96-V lithium batteries hidden beneath the floor. With a weight of 980kg, the Twinz can achieve a top speed of 130km/h.

Exterior Design Features

The striking blue livery of the Renault TwinZ Concept is a tribute to 20th century painter Yves Klein. The satin finish gives a pure skin to the body which appears to be coated, almost anodised, rather than painted, suggesting that the pigmentation is inside the body and not applied.

“Renault Design must remain attentive and open-minded at all times. We need to be attentive to new trends in order to stay ahead of the game, while an open-mind that embraces all sectors of activity is necessary to inspire innovation. There are numerous bridges between the work of Ross Lovegrove – which combines beauty and intelligence thanks to an approach inspired by the living, natural world – and the strategy, we have been working on for three years now at Renault, producing designs that are sensuous, based on simple emotions and close to the public." said Laurens van den Acker, Concept Car Design Director

Continuing with the poetic and colourful theme, the grille is designed in that it creates a vortex effect which channels air flow and minimises turbulence to optimise Twin'Z's aerodynamic performance. This is also incorporated into the rear bumper as an echo of the lighting signature.

The daytime running lights form a structure of strips resembling an iris and continue to give the TwinZ a near-humanlike stare. A sequence of LEDs extends from the grille to the rear bumper via the glass roof which is designed in layers and incorporates an array of LEDs that form animated patterns.

Additional features include hinged front and rear electric doors, a central pillar revealing the entire cabin and frees up space to facilitate ingress. The Ross Lovegrove designed 18-inch aluminium alloy wheels and specifically Michelin developed tyres have been designed as a single entity and feature a glowing green finish. The solid central core splits into slender branches which strike out towards the rim.

Interior Design Features

Inside the spacious Renault TwinZ Concept are four lightweight seats with green frames that appear to grow from the floor. They have been upholstered in a 3D woven, self-cushioning, lightweight blue textile which is both waterproof and flame-resistant.

The model doesn’t feature a dashboard however it is fitted with a single tablet with a touchscreen display mounted on a centrally-positioned post. This tablet handles vehicle's systems such as the heater, seat adjustment, lights activation, control of the roof, GPS guidance system and in-car connectivity.

"From the start, the intention was to build on the heritage of luxury and grace associated with France and to express it in a modern way, while at the same time creating a link between Renault's past, present and future." said Ross Lovegrove