Red-hot Mini JCW GP Concept unveiled

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It seems the John Cooper Works GP nameplate has made a comeback at the Frankfurt Show. It looks like a racing wasp.

Mini normally adds the John Cooper Works GP models as limited edition run outs when the Mini range is close to the end of its lifespan. For this, the third generation under BMW ownership, we are seeing the Works GP quite early in the life cycle as the new model arrived in 2014.

The 'Works GP looks more like a stripped out racer than ever, a huge front splitter sits out front, multiple air intakes and that huge rear wing. The wing mirrors look decidedly concept car-ish but Mini says they are an aerodynamic aid. Purists will note that the traditional 'Works GP wheels have been replaced with these 19-inch lightweight alloys.

The interior has been stripped down to just 2 seats - as in previous versions and it’s been kitted with a roll cage and fire extinguisher. It looks more like a GT3 racecar inside than a limited edition, faster JCW. The gear lever has been removed entirely with shifts left to the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel.

Mini did not release any power figures with the concept but speculation around the power unit suggest it will still use the 2.0-litre turbocharged unit from the JCW. Power could be increased to as much as 220 kW and sent to all 4 wheels like it is in the Clubman and Countryman JCW. That would make it quite a serious threat to the likes of the Civic Type R, VW Golf R and upcoming Megane RS.

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