Ranger V8 Cancelled

Ford Ranger Raptor 2019 1600 1e

Mustang powered Raptor undone by economy.  

The ultimate Ranger might never happen. Reports from Down Under suggest that Ford fans, keenly anticipating the Ranger Raptor V8, are unlikely to ever see it happen.

In January it was revealed that due to positive customer inquiries, Ford was considering the development of a V8-powered version of its Ranger Raptor. The modified T6 platform could definitely handle the extra power, which was lacking in highway driving – due to the Raptor’s additional weight, blunting the performance of its diesel engine.

Ford wished to use an adapted version of its Mustang V8 engine in the Raptor. Premcar was selected as the engineering consultancy to execute this new Ranger Raptor V8 project.

Using the 5-litre V8 petrol engine, powering Ford’s Mustang GT, Ranger bakkie followers could expect a very potent double-cab. Unfortunately, the project has stalled.

With Ford having posted massive global losses in Q1, many future product developments have been shelved. Some of these projects will be revived as revenues rise again, but the niche projects are basically done for.

Panic and uncertainty about how the global economy might recover in the months ahead has now convinced managers at Ford’s bakkie division to not pursue a Ranger Raptor V8.

Although most of the tooling and production risk would have been outsourced to Premcar, Ford decided that the market for a V8-powered Ranger has narrowed so greatly, that it no longer presents a viable business case.

Disappointment aside, those Ford bakkie fans who are hoping for a more powerful Ranger Raptor, can take heart. With the success of Ford’s T6 Ranger in North America, the demand for an EcoBoost V6 version is entirely possible.

An American inspired Ranger Raptor might not be naturally aspirated and have eight cylinders, but a turbocharged V6 Raptor would be entirely fit for purpose.

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