Range Rover Evoque Convertible (2017) Off-Road Review

Range Rovers, despite being very upmarket and luxurious vehicles, remain true to the ethos of the Land Rover brand: they are extremely capable off-road. Granted, most buyers are never going to take their shiny new Evoque Convertibles very far from the tarmac, but what if they did? We put the newcomer to the test on a challenging off-road track to find out how it fares in the rough stuff... 

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible: it's a car that will look marvellous cruising down a sunny boulevard, or exude style on the school run. It's a Range Rover, but with the added bonus of getting the wind in your hair... assuming that's something Range Rover buyers have always wanted, of course.

However, as it is equipped with all the same off-road systems as any other Evoque – a car that we've literally driven across Africa – we thought it might be interesting, at the very least, to take the Evoque Convertible and get it dirty.

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