Radical 911 4x4 Due Later This Year

Safari 911 meets Dakar 959 as legendary Porsche specialist Gemballa takes the 911 where it was never meant to go.

If a Cayenne Coupe Turbo is too tame for Porsche fans, they might soon have the option of something much wilder.

Legendary Porsche specialist, Gemballa, is planning a radical version of the 911 which might have particular appeal to South Africans wishing to explore gravel roads at supercar speeds.

The car in question will be a high-riding version of the Gemballa's Avalanche, adding a lot of ground clearance to Porsche’s 911 platform. Porschephiles will notice the design sketches based on a 991, instead of the current 992. Gemballa is confident that its Avalanche upgrade will be applicable to the current 911 too.

In typical Gemballa style, the overall design is outrageous, with enormous wings and air inlets, all of which justify their presence by virtue of some aerodynamic or cooling benefit.

Gemballa’s Avalanche 4x4 will also feature massive wheel arches to accommodate oversized off-road tyres. The company is not yet at liberty to explain how it will achieve the huge increase in ride height shown in these 911 Avalanche design sketches, but it will certainly involve custom fabricated suspension components.

Although Gemballa gas been coy about exact engineering details or the presence of specific off-road traction system, the Avalanche should feature an abundance of power. Gemballa’s modified version of Porsche’s 3.8-litre flat-six engine is twin-turbocharged and good for 609 kW, which would theoretically give this 911 Avalanche incredible performance, over any terrain.

Production is scheduled for the end of 2020. Those Porsche followers who believe the company’s coolest ever car was the 959 Dakar racer, could have their interest piqued by this Gemballa 911 Avalanche 4x4. 

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