Race! Toyota Hilux GR Sport vs Hilux Legend 50 - Off-road Shootout

The latest Toyota Hilux celebrates 50 years of building what is one of the world's best-selling pick-ups, or bakkies as we prefer to call them. The Legend 50 is kind of at the top of the bakkie food chain in SA, at least for Toyota. Except, as of recently, it isn't.

Introducing...the Gazoo Racing Hilux. It costs R50 000 more than the Legend 50 but it has exactly the same engine with the same power. However, because it's an auto, there's a bit more torque - 30Nm more. Oddly though the Hilux GR Sport is only available with an automatic gearbox.

The GR Sport has smaller wheels and rims all round, and for improved handling an all-new front suspension setup, developed by Gazoo Racing, has been fitted.

Only 600 of these will be made, and near the gear lever a special numbered plate reminds you which one of this limited edition you own. But most importantly it has lots of racing stripes, which means it must be faster than the standard Hilux, right?

And so the good people at the Tygerberg raceway let us set up our own racetrack on the property. With a mix of gravel and tarmac, and some fast and tight corners, it was time for a hot lap shootout.

Watch a Toyota take on a Toyota in this very special offload track shootout.

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