Potential Volvo XC90 Recall: SA Affected

Volvo XC90 UK Version 2015 1024x768 Wallpaper 03

The Volvo XC90 is easily the brand's best product, but despite the glowing reviews, some bad news has come from Sweden in the form of a potential recall.

Volvo Cars is prepping for a potential safety recall and delivery block of all 2016 Model Year seven-seat XC90 SUVs. Due to an issue with a panel at the back, the deployment of the curtain airbag for the third row of seats may not function as its intended to. Thankfully there have been no incidents reported as yet.

It Affects South African XC90 Vehicles

Volvo SA has summed it up beautifully: "Safety is a priority for Volvo Cars and we prefer to take pro-active precautionary measures. Only a handful of vehicles are affected in South Africa and owners will be contacted individually."

What we know so far is that:

There have been no incidents or accidents related to this issue It is not dangerous to drive the affected cars, however since Volvo Cars wants to ensure that all safety features function as intended Volvo SA will take action on all concerned cars as soon as possible The deployment of the airbag curtain for the 3rd seat row may not function as intended There is no risk of the airbag deploying unintentionally The issue is not at all related to the airbag itself but to the panel surrounding the airbag The corrective action will be to modify the design of the panel surrounding the airbag curtain to ensure the airbag inflates as intended

Check out our video of the Volvo XC90 to see just what an incredible leap forward it is for the brand and its segment: