Porsche Taycan loses a motor to become RWD

2021 Porsche Taycan Front Quarter

Cheapest Taycan could be the one to have.

Porsche has revealed a more affordable version of its breakthrough electric vehicle, the Taycan.

This new entry-level model has a less potent battery pack and lower overall power output. But it is also rear-wheel drive, which should be a point of appeal, for Porsche traditionalists.

The new Taycan base model sits below the ‘4S’ derivative and uses a smaller 79.2 kWh battery pack. A single rear axle electric motor delivers 300 kW of power. The removal of the motor and the lighter battery pack mean the entry-level Taycan is just over 90 kg lighter than the Taycan 4S.  

As with all things Porsche, there is an upgrade option. You can order your base specification rear-wheel-drive Taycan with a Performance Plus battery, that rates at 93.4 kWh of energy density. That boosts peak power from 300- to 350 kW.

The irony is that both the 300- and 350 kW Taycans both have a similar 0-100 kph benchmark acceleration time of 5.1 seconds, due to the mass burden of that larger battery pack on the 350 kW version.

Range is always an issue when considering a high-performance vehicle drawing its power from onboard batteries, and the base specification Taycan should manage 412 km on a charge. The Performance Plus variant ups that to 489 km. Those numbers are short of a comparable Tesla, with the Model S claiming a range of 647 km. 

Porsche claims that its new rear-wheel-drive Taycans will recharge from 5- to 80% battery capacity in just under 23 minutes.

For those who believe that the best Porsches have always been rear-wheel drive, the new Taycan base model is an interesting offering. Priced at R2 222 700 it isn’t what one would call affordable, but compared to the 4S or Turbo, it offers a much lower price point.

The 420kW Taycan 4S retails for R2 586 000 whilst Porsche’s lead derivative, its 500kW Taycan Turbo, requires a significant R3 426 000 investment to secure ownership.

Porsche Taycan Pricing in SA (Jan 2021)

Porsche Taycan RWD - R2 222 700

Porsche Taycan 4S - R2 586 000

Porsche Taycan Turbo - R3 426 000

Porsche Taycan Turbo S - 4 027 000