Porsche Produces 1-millionth 911 [Video]

Porsche 911

It has taken the famed German sportscar company 54 years to build one million 911s. The 1-millionth 911 recently rolled off the production line at Porsche's Zuffenhausen plant.

The Porsche 911 is an icon in the sportscar world. The concept of a rear-wheel driven and rear-engine-mounted sportscar is a unique one, but 54 years later, the 911 is still finding homes among fans. In 2016, 32 365 units were sold globally. Porsche claims that over 70% of its 911s are still on the road and even more impressive is that two-thirds of all Porsches ever made are still being driven. It's not just about road cars either, as over half of Porsche's motorsport wins have come courtesy of the 911.

As for Porsche 911 number 1 000 000, it was finished in Irish Green, the same colour as 911 number 1. Why green? Rumour has it that green was Ferdinand Porsche's favourite colour. The cabin has been extensively customised and features a mahogany steering wheel, upholstery and the dials are complementary silver, just like the original 911. On the exterior, the badges are the 1964 design, as opposed to the modern Porsche logo. It'll be going on tour around the world, before becoming an exhibit at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Watch the millionth 911 roll off the production line:

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