Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid details announced


Porsche continues to improve its hybrid offering. For the new Cayenne, the capabilities of the new electric power unit are dramatically improved.

Porsche has been developing hybrid tech for some time now. The previous generation Cayenne and Panamera both shared parts for hybrid models that promised all-electric modes as well as combining with turbopetrol powerplants to deliver maximum performance.

The new Cayenne e-Hybrid uses the same 3.0-litre V6 turbopetrol engine that delivers 5 kW more to make a total of 250 kW. The electric motor has vastly improved from the predecessor by some 43% and offers 100 kW of additional power. The sum total amounts to 340 kW and 700 Nm of torque.

Zero to 100 kph is dealt with in 5.0 seconds at it will run on to a top speed of 253 kph. There are 4 driving modes to choose from that deliver very different levels of performance and power from the battery-powered electric motor. E-Power, Hybrid Auto, Sport and Sport Plus work in ascending order in delivering maximum power. The Cayenne e-Hybrid has placed a major emphasis on sportiness hence the standard spec now includes the Sport Chrono package.

The hybrid system has been sufficiently improved that the range in pure electric mode has increased from 30 km to 44 km and it can maintain a top speed of 135 kph in pure electric mode. The plug-in charging system includes a new connection that's easier to use. The key shows the current status via an LED and allows the driver to switch between timed and immediate charging at the touch of a button. The timer can be programmed for time-shifted charging via the Porsche Connect app. Charging times themselves vary depending on the onboard charger and electricity source.

Porsche South Africa has confirmed that the Cayenne e-Hybrid will be arriving in SA before the end of 2018. Porsche owners will have the option of charging their Cayenne either at home or at Porsche centres around the country.

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