Porsche 718 Boxster revealed



The latest incarnations of the Porsche Boxster/S have been revealed. Officially the models are now called 718 Boxster and Boxster S, paying homage to the original 718 cars of the 1950s and '60s. The reason for the change is that the new 718 Boxster has dropped its six-cylinder motors for flat-four-cylinder turbos.

Porsche design

In designing the new 718 Boxster, Porsche made the car's front look wider and more muscular. The lower air intakes are larger to feed the new turbocharged engines and LED daytime running lights also make their first appearance on the Boxster. The most notable changes around the rest of the car are larger intakes, side sills and a few winglets that have been added. The wheels are 19-inches as standard but 20-inch items are available from the options list.

Turbo fours

The new turbocharged flat-four-cylinder engines are still mid-mounted and direct power to the rear wheels. The "budget friendly" 718 Boxster develops 224 kW and 380 Nm from a 2.0-litre turbo and there’s the choice of a six-speed manual transmission or Porsche’s excellent dual-clutch PDK. The 718 Boxster S has a 2.5-litre turbo that pumps out 260 kW and 420 Nm. The new engines are obviously more efficient than the six-cylinder engines from the previous generation. Porsche claims the engine in the Boxster S is up to 14%more efficient than its predecessor.

Rapid acceleration

As with every new model Porsche releases, the acceleration times get better. Zero to 100 kph in the Boxster takes just 4.5 seconds while the Boxster S can deal with the benchmark sprint in just 4.0 seconds. Both manage faster sprint times with the added PDK gearbox and the Sports Chrono Package.

Upgraded suspension

The 718 Boxster’s completely retuned suspension is said to improve cornering performance. The electric steering is also 10 percent more direct than previously. This increases agility and manoeuvrability on track as well as in every-day traffic. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) is available to tick on the options list. It lowers the car by 10mm, but on the Boxster S, you can have it lower the car by up to 20 mm.

New infotainment

Inside, Porsche has been less bold with the changes, but has tweaked the details. It looks very much like contemporary Porsche interiors but with a new infotainment system. The system is compatible with Smartphones and, with the Connect Plus addition, offers multiple online services.

According to Porsche SA, the 718 Boxster should be available here by May 2016. We will only get pricing details closer to the local launch.